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The Official Music Video, "BLAH BLAH BLAH"


Foodie Fest Performance 2018

FEARLESS Album Release Performance 

Oct 27, 2017

Singing Filipino Song, "IKAW"

Once upon a time our Diva was once a TV Host

Fearless CD Album

You can now listen to the entire CD Album on YouTube!

Enjoy the songs while you work out!

News and Updates

KIVO Daily

Catching up with Pop Sensation, Rutherine

Interview aired on several radio stations nationwide

Rutherine's inspiring interview was aired on AME Radio Show, iHeart, Phoenix Broadcasting, iTunes on demand now,, and 13 other stations! 

We have her outstanding interview on the archive for your convenience! 

FAST FORWARD to 32:07 to listen directly to the interview. 

Thrive Global Magazine

"Acknowledging Where All The Blessings Come From Is The Key To Ultimate Success" with Pop Sensation, Rutherine

New Theory Magazine

Exclusive interview with New Theory Magazine

Our Ventura TV Show

Interview with Our Ventura Channel 6 TV with Pop Sensation, Rutherine!

Tune in to showtimes coming soon.

Talk Show Land

On the set for "All About the Music" on Talk Show Land with the ever so talented, Rutherine! Coming out on LA36 broadcasting to 1.5 million homes in LA. Show schedule to be announced soon!

Cin's Chat Corner

I am grateful to be showcasing Rutherine, an Asian American beauty with a big voice and even bigger dreams. Not only is she a strong singer, but also a lyrical composer and largely responsible for the production of her music videos. She has the ability to play an array of musical instruments while shaking herself across stage in some sensational and shiny designs! In addition, she is the sole founder of Rutherine Entertainment, has acted as a TV host, and now is promoting her popular song, Blah Blah Blah. Take a few moments to hear her speak and sing.

-Cins Chat Corner

FASTFORWARD 1:07:31 to listen directly to the interview


About our Diva

​Infusing her pop music artistry with the positive inspiration she draws from her faith, Rutherine is a shining example of the dedication it takes to pursue one’s dreams and goals and the desire that comes from serving a higher purpose than your own. Her journey from church choir singer to pop music artist and entrepreneur was anything but predictable and she doesn’t take her recent success for anything less than a blessing for years of dedication and perseverance. With the launch of her new album ‘FEARLESS’, Rutherine’s message of strength, love and hope are sure to uplift and resonate with audiences and listeners worldwide.

Live Life in Song

From her very humble beginnings in her hometown of Makati, Philippines, she began singing at the tender age of four in the local church concert choir. Growing up singing in the church would define her motivation to uplift others through music and take her to Libya, Italy and eventually New York, where she joined the Broadway Dance Center to explore her passion for dance, acting and performance. “Britney Spears & Whitney Houston were my icons growing up and I knew I wanted to be an all around performer like them.” She eventually came out west and trained with celebrity vocal coach, Brett Manning, before deciding to make the move to Las Vegas and pursue her dreams of making and performing music full time.

Be Inspired By Everything

Besides auditioning for acting roles in indie film and television, Rutherine invests her time giving back to the youth of Las Vegas teaching dance choreography. As time progressed, she began booking larger venues, conferences and festivals. Rutherine currently runs her own label, Rutherine Entertainment, writing her own music and co-producing her own videos. Her latest single, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH can be found on iTunes, Spotify, her YouTube channel and all major music distribution outlets.


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3651 Lindell Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103, United States

(702) 850-4552

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